Lessons and Carols

WHC Choir


Description:The Woodmont Hills Choir teaches the story of Jesus found in scripture through carols.

A Christmas Prayer

Jeff Brown


Description:Isaiah teaches us to pray and reminds us why we have hope. In this text, Isaiah 64:1-9, the prophet cries out to God by celebrating God’s presence and lamenting God’s absence. We remember that in all times and circumstances God is our Father and we are clay in the hands of a good potter.

Reserved Seats

Jeff Brown


Description:Jesus teaches us that whatever we do to the “least of these” we do to him. This text, Matthew 25:31-46, reminds us that God has always identified with the poor, the vulnerable and the suffering. To follow Jesus is to make room at the table for the least of these. Who are the most avoidable and vulnerable people of our world? Find those people and you will find Jesus.

A Risk Assessment

Jeff Brown


Description:There are people who do good. There are people who do harm. And then there are a lot of people who do nothing. Everyone agrees it is best to do good, but is it really that bad to do nothing? This text, Matthew 25:14-30, suggests that it is! To follow Jesus is to take risks.

The Oil Crisis

Jeff Brown


Description:Jesus speaks of those who are prepared and those who are unprepared for his arrival. This text, Matthew 25:1-13, reminds us that when we run dry we must have a way of being filled back up. What fills you up spiritually?

Preparing with Humility

Jeff Brown


Description:We prepare tables for people, but what does it look like to prepare our selves for Christ? Jesus teaches us that service is the pathway to greatness and that it is those who humble themselves who will be exalted.

"Go and Do"

Jeff Brown


Description:We are recipients of extravagant mercy, and we are called to also be distributors of that same mercy! What would it look like to use the Good Samaritan as a guide to navigate our broken world? To address problems of racism, oppression and injustice? When we see suffering will we “move in” with compassion or “move on” to the other side of the road? May we learn to receive and extend mercy!

The Samaritan Christ

Jeff Brown


Description:Consider Jesus’ story from the vantage point of the ditch. See the “Good Samaritan” through the swollen eyes of the wounded traveler and remember that we are all wounded travelers. We have been stripped, beaten and left alone to die in the ditch. This would be our whole story apart from the grace of God. This story reminds us that we are all recipients of extravagant mercy!

Sight Words

Alan Cope


Description:Sight words are the building blocks of reading. The sight words found in the story of the Good Samaritan help us do more than just read the story. They help us know when we are reading life.

Changing the Question

Jeff Brown


Description:Many people believe that the way to find life is to protect and promote self. Jesus teaches us that the way to find life is to deny self. The Good Samaritan reminds us that that life does not come from "limiting" questions (What is the minimum requirement?). As people who follow Jesus we must change the question from "What is required?" to "What does love compel?" What does it look like for us to love our neighbors the same way we love ourselves?

Bicycles and Blessings

Jeff Brown


Description:It is almost impossible to stay upright on a bike while standing still. Bicycles were intended to be ridden. Blessings were intended to be shared. It is impossible for a church to remain upright and balanced while standing still. Churches are called to be movements not museums. Part of being blessed is sharing in God's mission to love and bless the world.

Freedom Sunday

Jeff Brown, Rebecca Lavender, & Roger Wiemers


Description:A discussion about human trafficking and our response to it as people who follow Jesus.

"Forgiven Much?"

Jeff Brown


Description:How much should we forgive? How much have we been forgiven? How can people who know they have received so much grace and forgiveness be so unforgiving? Forgiveness is not a gift we will open up on the last day. Forgiveness is a process we are invited into on the first day of following Jesus.

Disposable Relationships vs. Following Jesus

Jeff Brown


Description:What would happen if we pursued our sisters and brothers the same way Jesus pursues us? What would happen if we spoke to people as much as we speak about people? What would happen if we took Jesus at his word? Where two or three are gathered in Jesus' name pursuing people Jesus' way HE is there with us!

"If Any Want to Become One of My Followers..."

Jeff Brown


Description:Jesus clearly announces that if we want to follow him we must deny self and pick up a cross. What does picking up a cross look like? What does denying self mean? Join us as we ask the Spirit to help us finish this sentence, "If I choose to follow Jesus this week I will..."

"Who Do You Say That I Am?"

Jeff Brown


Description:Jesus asks, "Who do you say that I am? What do you believe about Jesus? What kind of Jesus are we proclaiming? This week we will continue to wrestle with what it means to follow him. We must decide... is Jesus the one who teaches us how to live or is he just the one who hands out tickets to the other side?# vimeo.com/231317993

On the Water

Jeff Brown


Description:God saves distressed people from the water. Jesus extends his hand again and again. Following Jesus means we learn to do the same.

Counting Past 7

Jeff Brown


Description:The disciples had 5 loaves and 2 fish, but in the hands of Jesus it became more than enough to feed everyone. The church that only counts to 7 forgets that Jesus is alive and still active. We must learn to count past 7. We must learn to give even when we feel like we don't have enough ourselves. We give all because he gave all for us.

Jesus is Our Understanding

Terry Smith


Description:Much like a pilot needs an instrument panel to fly a plane, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are the instrument panel for your life.

Living Sacrifice: A Community of Dynamic Atonement

Earl Lavender


Description:Text: 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 A consideration of the purpose of our atonement through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. He took our place - but not to leave us in our selfish sins. We are called to be the righteousness of God in the world. We are God's new creation.

What in the World is God Doing?

Dan Bouchelle, President of Missions Resource Network


Description:God is moving in remarkable ways throughout the world and bringing unprecedented opportunities to Nashville so why not join Him.

The Cross Shaped Life

Earl Lavender


Description:Working out of Romans 5:6-11 this message encourages one to consider how they see the cross in relationship to their own life. The cross is not simply something done for us - it is an invitation to be a living sacrifice to God's glory for the sake of the world.

Care and Feeding of Your New Minister

Tim Woodroof


Description:Ministers are only human. They need a congregation's love, encouragement and support.

Consider Him

Jeff Brown


Description:Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart - Hebrews 12:3

The Prophetic Horizon

Tim Woodroof


Description:One reason why the Word of God is "living and active and sharp" is because prophetic words apply to different contexts with new meanings. Isaiah 61 illustrates this powerfully. Originally a word for ancient Israel, this prophetic utterance was appropriated by Jesus for a different context and with very different meanings. Could this prophecy speak today to the context of Woodmont Hills?

Why Do People Kill Prophets?

Rob McRay


Description:If we are to hear prophetic voices, we need to consider why God's people refused to hear what the prophets had to say... and we need to consider Jesus' warning that we could do the same. Matthew 23:29-35


Earl Lavender


Description:A consideration of Amos' call to seek God and live, as opposed to living a self-focused life. We flourish through embracing God's heart and seeing what God sees rather that what our culture wants us to see.

Be Careful What you Wish For

Tim Woodroof


Description:We've said we want a "prophetic voice" in Woodmont HIll's pulpit for the next season of this church's life. But prophets can be difficult. They can say things we don't like. They can make us uncomfortable. Take Isaiah for example. Please. Take him!

From Worst to Best Day: RESURRECTION!

Earl Lavender


Description:Mary of Magdalene tells of her discovery of the missing body of Jesus at the tomb and her great joy in seeing her resurrected Lord. This is followed by a challenge to enter the story and live in the reality of the resurrection. Brief comments are provided by others who experienced the resurrection as the community is invited to the table.

The Difficult Road to Moriah/Jerusalem

Earl Lavender


Description:A consideration of Jesus' invitation to walk to Jerusalem with him, knowing he is going to give his life that we might live. He invites us to walk in trust even as we suffer - knowing that in the end God awaits with open arms.

Holy Lifestyle

Earl and Rebecca Lavender


Description:A challenge to live a life set apart for God's purposes - with eveey word and action.

Holy Family

Tim Woodroof


Description:In "holy families," one trait is paramount: respect. Doesn't matter your place or role in the family. To show respect is the Christ-like thing to do. To be respected, is what you would expect of Christ himself.

Holy Rest

Tim Woodroof


Description:Holy living is not just right and true ... it is effective, energetic, and joyous. We live holy lives to honor God ... but also to find power and stamina for living.

Holy Money

Tim Woodroof


Description:Following Jesus means following with our money. What we think about and do with our finances has kingdom implications.

Holy Work

Earl Lavender & Larry Bridgesmith


Description:Ephesians 2:1-10How do we work with Jesus while at work? There is no place we go where Jesus isn't there first. The question is how to be attentive to the opportunities of redemptive behavior he provides.

Holy Marriage

Tim Woodroof


Description:Holiness isn't a Sunday morning attribute. It must infect our marriages.

Series Intro

Tim Woodroof


Description:The letter to the Ephesians is about holy living: why it is so important, what God has accomplished to make us holy, and how Christians live out holiness at a practical level. In our compartmentalized lives, holiness is meant to be a quality that leaks into every corner of our living.

"Love God"

Tim Woodroof & Michael Slayton


Description:"Love God" was a basic principle of Jesus' life and ministry. It is a basic principle for those who follow him. This "first and most important" commandment must be woven into the fabric of the Woodmont Hills Church. Why? What does this mean? How can we encourage "loving God" in our lives and in our church? This sermon sets the stage for exploring a fundamental aspect of Woodmont's vision and mission.

A Year of Living Missionally

Rob McRay


Description:The mission of God called the Church into being and challenges us to think about how we will follow Jesus where we are.