Turn Or Burn, Fruit Tree!

Brandon Bailey


Description:Repentance is an urgent need, but we have the opportunity live fruitfully with the time given to us by a merciful and patient God.


Brandon Bailey


Description:Focusing on wealth is foolish and anxiety-producing, but focusing on the things that matter in God’s kingdom bring a reward of lasting and substantial kind.

Well-Lighted Parables

Brandn Bailey


Description:The light of Jesus is meant to fill us so completely that we desire to serve and love others rather than doing it simply out of duty.

The Open Door Parable

Brandon Bailey


Description:What makes prayer effective is that we have a relationship with God the Father and therefore we are able to talk and LISTEN to God.

Views Of The Cross

Brandon Bailey


Description:The cross stands as a clear witness that we are called to turn away from living life for ourselves and instead follow Jesus’ model of love, grace, and service.

Many Trials

Brandon Bailey


Description:We shouldn’t be surprised that in our own strength we often fail (sin), so we should cling that much more to the grace of God in Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Dinner With A Traitor

Brandon Bailey


Description:How we understand God’s Grace in relation to Judas says a lot about how we understand God’s grace given to us.

Rendar Unto Caesar

Brandon Bailey


Description:Everything, including our money, belongs to God, but there are many things that are more valuable to God than our money!

A Recipe For Greatness

Brandon Bailey


Description:Our ability to welcome and show hospitality to those least deserving and least attractive reveals our level of maturity as a disciple of Jesus.

Fruitful or Fruitless?

Brandon Bailey


Description:If we follow Jesus we will begin to find abundance and life in what was once mundane daily taOur call to discipleship is a call to a “fruitful” and purpose-filled life of growing more like our rabbi, Jesus.sks.

Breaking Nets

Brandon Bailey


Description:If we follow Jesus we will begin to find abundance and life in what was once mundane daily tasks.

An Epiphany

Brandon Bailey


Description:We do not need to fear technology and science as long as we keep them In proper perspective and allow God’s truth to be foundational.

Cool & Hot

Brandon Bailey


Description:The source of anger is rarely the thing that we tell people we are angry about. It often has roots in fasle belief about God and the grace of Jesus.

Two Roads

Brandon Bailey


Description:There IS a moral right and wrong, and the choices that we make either move us closer to Jesus or further away.

Hidden Treasures

Brandon Bailey


Description:Wisdom rooted in the “fear of God” is an essential component in the life of faith.

More Than Conquerors

Brandon Bailey


Description:God is Gracious – so we do not have to prove ourselves.

Look at the Wildflowers

Brandon Bailey


Description:God is good, so you do not have to look elsewhere.

Land Ho!

Brandon Bailey


Description:God is great, so you do not have to be in control.

Generous Roots

Brandon Bailey


Description:A mark of Christian maturity is generosity – it is a response to the abundance that we have in Jesus

Heaven & Earth

Brandon Bailey


Description:This life, this body, and what we do to help others and make this world a better place matters because of the ressurrection.

Five Words

Brandon Bailey


Description:Rather than strive to have gifts that give us “honor” in church groups, seek those gifts that bring others, both “believers and unbelievers” closer to Jesus.

The Greatest Gift

Brandon Bailey


Description:The greatest gift given to us by the Holy Spirit is the love of God found in Jesus Christ which reorients us to a radical new way of living that no longer revolves around self!

Some Body

Brandon Bailey


Description:The "Body of Christ"

John Mason


Description:John Mason, pastor of Mountain View Presbyterian Church, is our guest preacher.

Words to Live By

Don Cunningham


Description:Don Cunningham, elder from Mountain View Presbyterian Church is our guest preacher.


Brandon Bailey


Description:If we are going to share the gospel with those that are not yet followers of Jesus, we will need to make sacrifices and give up some of our perceived “rights.”

Puffed Christians

Brandon Bailey


Description:We all must wrestle with scripture and the Holy Spirit regarding what activity is right before God, but more important we must be willing to make sacrifices in order to promote discipleship in others.

God's Place For You

Brandon Bailey


Description:Listen to the voice of your Creator, not the voices that tell you that you are only a "slave" to your circumstances.

Right or Wrong

Brandon Bailey


Description:As those “bought with a price” by Jesus, we lay down our perceived “rights” in order to live a life that glorifies God in all things – including with our bodies.

Foundational Issues

Brandon Bailey


Description:Our individual life and our common life as a church community should be built in such a way that it solidly reflects the foundation of God’s grace given us in Jesus and not something else.

Nobodies and Somebodies

Brandon Bailey


Description:Even after 2,000 years, we still get this wrong: God uses the “nobodies” to change the world rather than those in places of prominence so that Jesus will be elevated.

Life in Exile

Brandon Bailey


Description:Rather than approach our situation as one of exile and scarcity, we are called to live as people sent by God to bring Shalom and abundance.


Brandon Bailey


Description:We have been blessed by God for a purpose – what does that look like with a church building?


Brandon Bailey


Description:Christians, of all people, should not fear change – a living faith with Jesus is the one constant in life!

Sticks and Stones...

Brandon Bailey


Description:In the weight (glory) of God’s presence, our sin results in repentance and humility, and other’s opinions of us are empty.

To Build a House

Brandon Bailey


Description:Worship is about responding to what God has done, is doing, and will do in our life.

What Do I Know of Holy?

Brandon Bailey


Description:God is holy-other, and not a tool for our life ambitions. It is only through Jesus that we are able to approach a holy God

Greater and Greater

Brandon Bailey


Description:The Christian journey is a lifelong process of maturity, of becoming more and more “you” – the person that God created you to be.

The Mighty Warriors Fallen

Brandon Bailey


Description:Grief and lament are a way of recognizing pain and brokenness and setting them within God’s sovereign story – the alternative is a dangerous path of avoidance and living in distorted reality.

This Changes Everything

Brandon Bailey


Description:The resurrection of Jesus changes forever the idea that death is final.

The Cross

Brandon Bailey


Description:The cross shows us that the standards that the world uses to judge success and failure are not the same as God’s standards where sacrifice is the ultimate form of success.


Brandon Bailey


Description:The torture and humiliation of the King.